A dual purpose app to enable countrywide virtual taxi hailing and taxi fleet inspection
MoNeedTaxi is a Nigerian startup which allows users to sign up as one of two roles, a passenger or a taxi driver. Passengers can then see which cabs are local to them in the map view and hail one of them in-app. Taxi fleet owners can associate their different machines with their account and then inspect their locations, jobs, etc.


Creating an experience enhancing, live data taxi hailing app
MoNeedTaxi had to provide value to passengers, individual taxi drivers and those co-operating in fleets by combining the geolocation information of the devices, user review capability and the power of custom push notifications.



  • The MoNeedTaxi system works effectively across both iOS and Android devices
  • Passengers find all their local cabs regardless of OS
  • Taxi fleets can take advantage of their drivers existing smartphone choices

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