The BarMista app facilitates their trendy on-demand cocktail service.
Ever receive some great news while on the go and say something like “I’ll buy you a drink next time we’re out” or “If only we had some champagne, I’d make a toast!”? With BarMista, it doesn’t matter where you are or what time of day it is, the cocktail bar comes to you! Using the app you can browse the drinks menu, place an order, pay for your drinks and track their progress towards you in real time!


Logistics and Security

As well as knowing and coordinating the locations of both the customer and barman (Mista) via native mobile geolocation technology, the app also needed to offer clients secure detail storage and in app payment.


Making a first class, on-demand service app
  • Secure in-app payment via
    Braintree Payments
  • Track your drink's progress towards
    you in real time on the map!
  • Personalized push notifications
    to both Mista’s and customers
  • Dual facing interface provides different view and features for customers and Mista’s
iPhone feature image

The power of native

A fast, beautiful app utilising native phone features

Using iOS we’re able to create apps that are not only functional and innovative but which work fast and look good.

Building on users familiarity with the iOS system, navigation feels natural and the user experience follows an intuitive path from browsing the menu through to in app payment.

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