Air Translator

The Air Translator app links translators to those with live translation needs


Creating a practical on-demand service app

With the help of Air Translator, users can book a translator to be available to them at a specific time. When the time comes, both the translator and user join a live chat with options to call, video chat, send pictures and more, to ensure that everything is clear to the user. Potential usage situations are wide in scope, from menu translation to business meetings

Air Translator

iOS Power

Utilising iOS native features to create an accessible entry

Air Translator


What makes for a world class on-demand service

Air Translator
  • Social sign-in

    Social sign-in

    With both Facebook and massive Chinese messaging platform WeChat

  • Translator tiers and reviews

    Translator tiers and reviews

    to ensure users get the right translator for their needs

  • Media rich communication

    Media rich communication

    Interactive communication sessions via WebSockets

  • In-app calling

    In-app calling

    Achieved using the Twilio API

  • In-app payments

    In-app payments

    Securely achieved via Paypal

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