Break the Ice

A social booster app using iBeacons

Break the ice is a social networking app designed to help users initiate a conversation once they have entered a venue. The app uses iBeacons to register a user’s presence at a venue. They can then see other users who have also checked in. Users can send other users in the same venue “virtual drinks”, which can be bought using in-app credits. Recipients can then accept or reject these drinks and if they accept are invited to socialise in real life.


With both iOS and Android versions available and a smooth, consistent experience across both systems, Break the Ice demonstrates how a cross platform approach can really bring people together.


The key challenge of Break the Ice was to simplify the check in and check out process so that those elements of the system occured automatically, without even opening the app. Bluetooth iBeacon technology allowed us to achieve this. Users are automatically checked in and out as they pass the iBeacons.


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