An app for internal task management at a large company
Ductclean (UK) Ltd are leading experts in cleaning complex systems and parts. Due to the nature of their work and large number of staff, their old paper based management system was no longer able to efficiently support their operations. They required a digital job management solution.


The main challenge this app provided us with was how to simplify the process of assigning, accepting and recording tasks.

Large numbers of engineers, at multiple locations needed to be able to see relevant, synced information and easily use the associated interface.

iOS Platform

In house task management system for staff


eKreative applied the following solutions:
  • Communication with the back end
    An iPad app that communicates with the back end
  • Job Management
    A complete job management system including both the existing schedule and unfilled tasks
  • Custom backend form builder
    Each job has specific forms, once filled in these are sent to the backend and can be exported to PDF.
  • Job features
    For each job, details such as area check in, location, photo attachments, necessary signatures and the current status of the job are made available.
  • Push Notifications
    Push notification on your phone
  • Smart offline mode
    The app still needs to function when internet is not available, but must also sync as soon as it is online again.
  • Timesheet functionality
    This records information about the number of hours worked, the worker’s rates, travel time and food expenses and calculates the total amount of expenses per week, per worker.
  • Custom calendar feature
    This enables the administration to check on the availability of engineers.

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