Norwich Central

Norwich central allows high street businesses in the city of Norwich to send targeted, custom push notifications to potential customers, letting them know about any discounts, sales, or special offers they might have.


To appeal to both sellers and their customers, this app needed to strike a balance between providing easy access to an audience and not overwhelming that audience with unwanted messages.

To solve this problem we enabled customers to select exactly what types of business they wanted to hear offers from. In this way shoppers can control their own experience and receive only the offers that matter to them.

Android and iOS versions

Light, modern design for iOS devices.
Fast native response for Android.


Slick, modern, easy to browse


  • Personalised push notifications — shoppers only hear from the categories they choose.

  • Seller dashboard to customise business image and add social network links.

  • Sellers pay per message via card or paypal.

  • Shoppers can 'favourite' the businesses they support.

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