eKreative have been developing parent tech projects for over 6 years. Our projects range from screen time management apps through to a car pooling organiser for school runs. In each case our intuitive design is informed by our experience as parents and realised to the highest possible level by our top flight development team.

Our recent projects in parent tech

With experience in hand and a focus on constant improvement, here’s a few of the advanced tricks you can expect us to implement in your app:


Kidslox lets parents remotely control their children’s mobile devices, limiting screen time, blocking apps and much more.


Appshed is a teaching tool that makes app development and design accessible for kids. It’s used by over 2500 schools worldwide.


Goville is a parental engagement solution which connects parents with the extra curricular groups their children participate in.

School collections

This app enables parents in a local area to co-ordinate their school runs to achieve maximum efficiency carpooling.


eKreative would make a great partner for your parent tech project, here’s why:

  • Native iOS and Android

    The experience of our development team is reflected in the intuitive use of native features in our apps.

  • Backend development

    Where required our apps come with custom tailored backend systems that are easy to navigate and use.

  • SaaS

    Developing software as a service is a speciality of ours. Beyond initial development though we’re also able to deliver your ongoing business development needs.

  • Websites

    Initially a web development company, our expertise in this area is extensive and the results impressive.

  • Design, UI and UX

    Intuitive user experience is at the heart of a great parent tech product. Our design, UI and UX teams ensure that every project is clear and easy to navigate.

  • Consulting

    Our deep understanding of the parent tech market puts us in the perfect position to advise on everything from development solutions to UX to growth hacking and user acquisition strategies

  • Hardware

    Integrate your mobile application with a range of hardware options including custom hardware solutions.

  • Payment integration

    Integrate your app with all major payment platforms for both subscription and one off payment models.

  • Localisation

    When you’re ready to go global with your app, our localisation process makes it a pain free process.

  • Social media integration

    Integrate the full spectrum of social media platforms with your app.

KIDSLOX: Featured Parent Tech Startup

As well as developing parent tech apps for our clients, we’re personally invested in the parent tech market. Kidslox is our own startup; a groundbreaking screen time management platform with massive global adoption.

  • Cross-Platform

    Control iOS devices from Android and vice versa (Amazon devices also covered).

  • AppBlocker

    Kidslox allows parents to remotely block access to the apps on their children’s devices

  • Schedules

    It’s easy to schedule devices to be locked down at specific times of the day eg. bedtime, homework time, etc.

  • 3-way toggle

    Control iOS devices from Android and vice versa (Amazon devices also covered).

  • eKreative has been more than a service provider, they have been a partner right from the start. We have been building a product at Kidslox, and eK has been a constant source of new ideas and initiative, helping us produce a far better product than we would get just from someone implementing a "spec". I would strongly recommend eK to anybody looking for a technical partner for their ParentTech product.

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