Transportation Apps

Transportation Apps

eKreative is an experienced maker of high quality transportation apps.
With a wide range of experience developing transportation apps ranging from public service information points to on-demand driver or delivery start-ups, eKreative is well placed to create intuitive user journeys that enhance the travel experience. Combining technical expertise with an insightful understanding of both modern app use and app based business models, eKreative makes a sound development partner to bring your transport based app idea to life.

Transport Apps Portfolio

Live Buses UK

Integrating multiple open data sources this app gives users a range of up to the minute bus information from the location of their nearest bus stop to how long they’ll need to wait there for the next bus.

Moneed Taxi

With separate interfaces for passengers and drivers, Nigerian startup MoNeedTaxi enables both countrywide virtual taxi hailing and fleet inspection.


A trendy, on demand cocktail service, the Barmista startup’s app co-ordinates mobile barmen and customers using mobile geolocation technology, allowing users to see their cocktails approach in real time on the map.


A companion app for cyclists in the Lambeth area, Lambike contains a journey planner which highlights cycle routes and informs the user about the sort of roads included in the route.


Our experienced and creative development team are great at finding custom solutions to the problems you need solving, here’s a few of the tricks they’ve got up their sleeves.

Open data integration

Elegant database handling ensures apps remain up to date but still function smoothly offline

Live data integration

Live data streams ensure apps contain accurate, up to the minute information

In-app payment systems

Our in app payment integration is reliable and secure. An essential element of many transportation app systems

Custom push notifications

Our team create apps capable of custom push notifications, for the personalised touch

Backend Dashboards

Our backend dashboards are tailored closely to your needs to ensure that management and maintenance of your app is intuitive to understand and easy to do

App analytics

Leveraging insights from analytics suites such as Google Analytics, ensures data driven improvements and upgrades

Live Buses UK case

  • Range of Features

    Brings together a range of useful features including live bus times and maps to show bus routes and bus stop locations and even integrates TFL’s journey planning tool.

  • Open Data Integration

    Taking advantage of the widespread open data sources available for London transport, Live Buses UK integrates multiple sources of data to bring up to the minute information into the hands of the user.

  • Intuitive System

    Allowing the user to favourite frequently used stops and see a list of places they’ve been recently enhance the intuitive usefulness of the systems custom, London bus inspired design.

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