An app for parents to set boundaries for children using mobile and tablet devices, keeping them safe and limiting their screen time.
With the ever increasing use of mobile devices at home, Kidslox is a solution to help keep your children safe and limit their screen time. Once installed, the Kidslox app enables you to remotely control your child’s iOS device - it could be your iPhone or their own iPad/iPod Touch. Whether it’s for managing homework time, bedtime or ongoing device restrictions, Kidslox is the ideal digital companion for parents.


Control iOS devices from Android and vice versa


Kidslox needed to be able to provide parents with reliable, easy to operate restrictions, potentially across multiple devices and platforms.


Block apps including Facebook, YouTube, Minecraft etc.
  • Users can block apps by age rating, including games such as Minecraft and social media apps like Facebook.
  • Devices can be scheduled to lock at specific times of day, eg. at meal times, homework times etc. as well as being lockable on demand.
  • Parents can place different restrictions on different devices, allowing them for example to enable a browser for one child to use for homework research while leaving other devices unaffected. This, along with the cross platform functionality, helps them to keep the whole family safe.

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