Ionic framework app building kit: start using ours

Ionic as standard

Ionic framework has become a regular part of our arsenal here at Ekreative. Whenever we need to get to work on a new cross-platform app, it’s Ionic we turn to; our existing AngularJS experience enabling us to really take advantage of it’s potential.

A lot in common

One thing we’ve found after building a large number of projects with Ionic is that an overwhelming majority of the apps we create have a base set of functionalities in common and in fact pretty much any app needs these functions. I’m talking about things like a working file system and security system or the ability to allow http requests for iOS9 for more flexibility in our choice of which API’s to work with.

Starter kit

To keep our development time down and avoid the potential tedium of working through these functionalities time and time again, we’ve put together an Ionic starter kit. Constructed by our Ionic specialist Kirill (check out some of his Ionic blog posts), the kit contains a collection of such fundamental elements as installation of ngCordova (a collection of useful AngularJS extensions) and the patch for iOS9 webview. For all our new Ionic apps this kit has now become the starting point, saving time and creating a solid base for the development of more project specific features.

Share and improve

In fact, it’s such a useful little collection that we’ve decided to put it up on GitHub for other members of the Ionic community to use too. If you’re an Ionic coder looking to make life that little bit simpler, this is for you! Check out the full list of what’s included in the documentation and remember that the kit will continue to evolve with time, to make sure it remains a useful starting point for Ionic app development. Of course, as it’s open you can make your own suggestions or changes to help keep it up to date too. Happy app building!