Our projects

Our projects


Aroris is a platform for digitizing contracts and fee schedules with real-time data & access for private health offices. Instant processing of spreadsheets with tens of thousands of records and visualization of highly complex data in a simple way.


SmartSuite is a web and mobile no-code platform. It serves as a tool for managing everything needed to get work done - spreadsheets, documents, collaboration tools, databases, file management products and automation capabilities — all in one place.


Template-based automatic video editing app. Instantly create professional ads, Reels, Stories and more for any social platform. Auto-sync music with photos and videos and create videos that boost sales and engage your audience.


EasyPortal specializes in creating custom-built portals and dashboards for SmartSuite data. The goal is to make it easy to get the information you need, no matter how complex the job is.

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