Changing the world together!

Changing the world together

About us

As well as providing cutting edge web and mobile development services at affordable prices for over 10 years, since the very beginning Ekreative has been committed to giving away a significant portion of its profit to charity! Sounds crazy? Business is dealt with first, but when all the programmers have been paid, bills accounted for and so on, Ekreative enables its “charitable powerhouse” division! This might seem unusual in the cut-throat business world of today’s technology market, but thanks to our moral obligation and the dedication of the team, the business has succeeded and grown and with it, so has our capacity for charitable giving.



Incredible world

We have a responsibility to give something back to this incredible world we live in.


Help others

We can do this by helping and supporting those less fortunate than ourselves.

Charity pin

Charity everywhere

Therefore we support charitable causes locally, nationally and internationally.


Inspire young people

Being sent to take part in overseas charity work inspires people to act for change.



The amount of Ekreative’s profit which gets used for charitable causes



We’ve supported charitable projects in 13 different countries



We’ve sent from Ukraine to serve the world's needy and impoverished


food parcels

Handed out each week to Eastern Ukrainian refugees during the winter of ‘14

Going deeper

Check out these 2 charitable projects enabled by Ekreative


Help for Refugees

Our home town, Cherkasy, has seen a huge influx of refugees from Eastern Ukraine in the last couple of years. When they first arrived we welcomed them with weekly food packages, handing out up to 500 per week. Today we continue to support them, helping purchase urgent household items and organising regular social events and free English, music and art classes for adults and children.


Building Jobs

Humanitarian aid is crucial during times of immediate need, but we are very wary not to create dependency, that’s why we focus on job creation. Investing in people’s lives by training them and giving them jobs gives them hope for a better future. We arrange for training and placements in a range of areas, not just those related to our own IT industry.

Ekreative Charity Map

Find out about some of the projects we’ve been involved with


There’s a whole list of projects to talk about in Ukraine; from children's work to support for refugees and from business acceleration to work with the homeless.


In Tajikistan our teams worked with young people with difficult live


Four times now we’ve sent teams to Kolkata, where partnering with local charities they’ve contributed to work with street children, providing hygiene, food and fun.


In Thailand our team ran a children’s program.


Fact finding mission, learning from Lebanese refugee programs.


Our team constructed a water distribution system to serve a rural community.


Our team took part in a school's development program.


Sending a team to Nepal opened their eyes to the poverty of that poor mountain nation.


Our team helped construct a home for orphanage leavers.


Our team helped to construct a water collection system at a school.

South Africa

Visiting South African prisons running programs for prisoners.


In just 2 weeks our team decorated a school, built a church and ran an activity camp for local children!


The vehicle through which much of our charitable work is done.

Of course, many countries of the world are suffering even more than Ukraine - and for fifteen years we have been organising and sending teams from Ukraine around the world. The aim is twofold, firstly to help out on the ground, bringing transformation among the poor and needy, and secondly to open the eyes of our teams to the many opportunities available to them living in Ukraine, which others don’t have.

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IT Help

As well as having a wider focus on serving those in need, we’re keen to find ways to improve the world around us using our well honed it skills.

It cluster logo

Cherkassy IT Cluster

Ekreative is a founding member of the “Cherkassy IT Cluster”, a collection of companies dedicated to co-operatively furthering the interests and reputation of the IT industry in our home town.

Programmers without borders

We’ve sent skilled IT specialists to train and equip local people in both India and Kenya. A permanent IT skills classroom and a new business formed following the Ekreative business model are the results!

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GeekHub provides free IT skills classes, teaching a range of programming languages and much more besides! Several of the teachers are Ekreative coders and we’ve already hired a few graduates, testament to the projects high standards!