Testbuild.rocks looks better than ever after it’s latest update!

Remember back in June when we told you about our open source Testflight replacement code? Well, it’s been useful from the off, but we should always be striving to improve, which is why at our in house hackathon it was one of the projects we worked on improving and why today I’m excited to announce a whole host of new updates to the “Testbuild.rocks” code available now on Github.


As well as its main features, which enable you to send preview versions of your app for a client to try out using only a qr code, now testbuild.rocks has been upgraded to create an even slicker experience.

Testbuild.rocks now includes the following features:

  1. the ability to login via redmine
  2. no need to write the version, build number, or bundle identifier or to download the app icons as everything comes with the build
  3. only the developer and jenkins can upload builds
  4. only the manager and developer can delete builds
  5. everyone in the project, as well as anyone with the page link can download builds

Keep Improving

Of course we still think it can be improved on; we’ve got several new features in the pipes, so keep your eyes open for new updates and as the code is all publically available, you could even add some improvements of your own!