Big Blog Re-org! Ekreative mix things up with new content and new design!


New activity

Over the coming weeks you’ll notice that there’s a lot of new activity here on the ekreative blog. It’s not that I’ve suddenly gone into a frenzy of blog article writing, so what’s going on? Well, we’re keen to share with you posts that not only brighten up your day or impart some information, but really help make your life easier. Seeing as we’re a company choc-a-bloc with talented designers, QA testers and programmers of every shape and flavour, we think that the biggest value we can pass on to you comes from that same deep technical knowledge base.

Find what you’re looking for

That’s why as well as our regular content, over the coming weeks you can expect to see items on a range of more technical issues. If one of our areas of expertise echoes with your own, or holds a particular interest for you, it’s definitely worth following along. You can use the tags at the bottom of each post to search for other posts about similar topics and once our new look blog design is rolled out later in the month, you’ll find posts grouped together to make searching for what you want to read about even easier.

Technical content to every taste

As well as a wide range of technical posts, tutorials and reviews, covering every taste from Symphony, to design, to cross platform development, you can also expect to read the insights of our senior management team, with CEO Viktor and COO Kiril offering a view from ekreative’s top and CTO Fred also pitching in with some of his own technical wizardry. So whether you’re a client, a friend, a regular reader or just taking a look around, make sure you keep coming back as we’ve got a lot more great technical content coming up soon. Perhaps there’s a topic connected to app and web development that you’d like to read more on? Let us know in the comments below.