Mobile device management in a family setting

Where do we encounter mobile device management?

Conversations about mobile device management (mdm) are usually focussed on a corporate setting. The ability to remotely manage mobile devices has a wide range of implementations, from keeping employees from distractions, to cutting down on costs and times for distributing updates or new software, to securing emails as part of a wider security strategy. A whole array of solutions for improving efficiency and security in the workplace, but is there a way mdm technology could bring its benefits into the home environment?

There is and it’s already out there, though perhaps you haven’t thought about it in those terms before.

Parental controls needed

Parental controls over children’s devices are becoming ever more necessary for the raising of children. The “igeneration” learn to navigate a touchscreen device before they can so much as read the names of the icons they’re clicking on. In many cases they’re more tech savvy than their parents and teachers, so simple, foolproof security measures to limit the time or scope of their device and internet usage have become a valuable commodity.

Fast paced change

There are a range of parental control products out there, though the field is very much in a state of ongoing development. This is because control needs continue to evolve as technology and its uses change, (which happens at an extraordinarily fast rate).

What’s really needed?

Today’s parental control program for mobile devices needs to be able to limit screen time, block individual apps, programs and phone functions (eg. camera) and of course, block the making of in app purchases. Given the widespread use of different device types it’s also important that it should work across both Android and iOS platforms. It should also be able to manage multiple devices: perhaps you want to allow an older child more freedoms than their younger sibling. Or perhaps you want to enable a games app for one child only, as a reward for completing their chores.

All in one

This was the starting point for creating the groundbreaking Kidslox app. For some reason, many of the other products on the market either focus on just one aspect of device management, eg. they just limit screen time, but don’t allow app blocking, or they only allow you to control one device. Kidslox tidily combines these different features to give parents a convenient, all in one mobile device control package.

A lot to offer

In fact, Kidslox has got a lot of features up its sleeve: there’s an additional web based control panel, the ability to set up schedules for device usage (set up dinner time device blocks!), the ability to instantly lock a device and a lot more. You can get a fuller overview by watching their short introductory video:

Kidslox makes a difference

Working with Kidslox has given us a lot of great insight into the world of mobile device management, but for those of us with young families it’s the use of the app itself, which ensures more quality time with the kids, that’s valued most!

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