Cherkasy GDG inspired by guest software engineer from Google

High profile guest

At the end of last week, Ekreative were proud to host a meeting of the Cherkasy Google Developer Group. GDG Cherkasy are a group as inquisitive as they are active, always keen to broaden their horizons and this time was no exception. Google software engineer Rustem Arzymbetov, (currently working on search engine performance enhancement!), happened to be in the area, so decided to drop by and run a session, originally developed by Jeff Dean, called “Challenges in Building Large-Scale Information Retrieval Systems”.

Making things clear

If that sounds a little dry for your taste, understand that Rustem has a great way of breaking things down and explaining complex algorithms and principles used by Google in simple terms. This encouraged the group to ask a lot of interesting questions and Rustem’s answers helped create an evening as entertaining as it was informative. On top of that, he also gave some insights from his experience of relocating to Silicon Valley: observations on life in the states in general and more specifically about the corporate culture and traditions at Google itself.

Dreaming Big

As ever, the group wasn’t just there to listen to stories of someone else’s success, but to learn, grow and take inspiration to help them dream big. These are goals which Ekreative is keen to support and endorse, which is why we’re so glad to see Ekreative programmers playing an active role in groups like this.