Platform to equip and automate nutrition businesses


Helping nutrition businesses succeed

Lifebase needed to build a comprehensive platform to automate the tasks involved in analysing body composition, providing personalised plans, and tools for clients to keep track of their nutrition between sessions with their coach or nutrition advisor. The Lifebase platform needed to have a backend which was powerful, consistent and easy to understand and use for the nutrition businesses which rely on it.

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A tool which adds value in all sectors of the nutrition industry.
The Lifebase Nutrition Platform combines the power of established, medical grade body composition analysis tools with detailed food statistics into a single planning tool. This highly credible measurement and analysis maximises the effectiveness and efficiency of gyms and fitness coaches using the Lifebase system. Communication with clients along with simple dietary tracking is enabled with the help of iOS and Android companion apps.

  • Practical technology

  • In-app messaging - so coaches can give clients personalised encouragement and direction.

  • QR scanner - to enable client to quickly enter information about the foods they eat by scanning product labels.

  • Motivational techniques - win streaks and animated success markers encourage user engagement.

  • Push notifications - to provide timely reminders in the build up to meal time.


  • Easy to use backend “command centre” interface for gyms and coaches

  • In-app coach-client communication

  • Integration with 3rd party nutrition and body composition databases

  • Instant feedback for clients on nutritional value of their meals

  • Companion apps for both iOS and Android

  • Personalised nutrition coaching and meal planning

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