Our projects

Our projects


GigX engaged Ekreative to create an online platform aimed to connect fractional C-level leaders and chief executives with potential employers. The main challenge of the project was to develop a UX that guides top executives through a complicated registration flow on one side and provide organizations seeking professionals with user-friendly navigation and search functions on the other. Additionally, Ekreative was entrusted with carrying out marketing campaigns to help gain new members for the platform and attract hiring entities.


Orascoptic make dental instruments called “loupes" and wanted a tool for their website to allow visitors to design and visualise their ideal customised loupe. Ekreative’s solution is engaging, intuitive and most importantly, generates leads.


For those with serious heart conditions, the Corvigil app can give a warning and an easy way to contact emergency services in the event of dangerous or unusual behaviour. With fail proof health tracking and secure data storage, Corvigil is simple to use but formidable under the hood.

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