Our projects

Our projects

Scout Alarm

As the makers of smart home alarm systems, Scout products require a design language which is clear, but also projects security and professionalism. That’s why they brought Ekreative on board to improve their app UX and to help apply that same design approach to their physical packaging and digital ads.

Implant Direct

Ekreative partnered with a leading US dental implants manufacturer to support their online platform featuring a portfolio of healthcare products. Not only did Implant Direct get a first-class digital solution but they also gained a dedicated team providing continuous service support.


Uniting two of the key drivers of social media success, namely video and collaboration. While the social media space is full of opportunities to share video with friends and followers, it lacks powerful tools for easy to use, consumer friendly, collaborative video creation.


A platform where users buy and sell exclusive, brand name sneakers

Branded sneakers are big money these days, especially with the rise of limited edition sneakers and the sneaker resale community. Klekt gives that community a home and facilitates trustworthy sales by providing authentication of every item sold via Klekt’s platform.

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