Our projects

Our projects


A platform where users buy and sell exclusive, brand name sneakers

Branded sneakers are big money these days, especially with the rise of limited edition sneakers and the sneaker resale community. Klekt gives that community a home and facilitates trustworthy sales by providing authentication of every item sold via Klekt’s platform.


Whether you want to create a group message for a special occasion or include a family member who couldn’t make it, RexVid’s got your back. By facilitating collaboration with friends and family RexVid makes it easy to shoot, edit and send group videos for special events.


The FarmGate Auctions system is reliable, easy to use livestock auction software that saves agents time and money by enabling them to upload and assess detailed livestock information, bid for livestock online and make secure transactions.


The Cutnut app allows users to create simple video stories on their desktop or mobile device and invite friends to film and add their own clips to the story. While originally conceived for the general consumer, Cutnut has really come into its own as a social media management tool for marketing departments looking to create high quality vertical stories that enhance their brand.

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