Our projects

Our projects


The Cutnut app allows users to create simple video stories on their desktop or mobile device and invite friends to film and add their own clips to the story. While originally conceived for the general consumer, Cutnut has really come into its own as a social media management tool for marketing departments looking to create high quality vertical stories that enhance their brand.

Air Translator

This disruptive, on demand translation service connects translators to those who need them, when they need them. With media rich communication, in-app calling and wide ranging social media integrations, it puts the power of the internet to immediate practical use.


Orascoptic make dental instruments called “loupes" and wanted a tool for their website to allow visitors to design and visualise their ideal customised loupe. Ekreative’s solution is engaging, intuitive and most importantly, generates leads.


For those with serious heart conditions, the Corvigil app can give a warning and an easy way to contact emergency services in the event of dangerous or unusual behaviour. With fail proof health tracking and secure data storage, Corvigil is simple to use but formidable under the hood.

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