Collaborative video storytelling


Cutnut saw a niche in the social media landscape which unites two of the key drivers of social media success, namely video and collaboration. While the social media space is full of opportunities to share video with friends and followers, it lacks powerful tools for easy to use, consumer friendly, collaborative video creation.


The Cutnut app allows users to create simple video stories on their desktop or mobile device and invite friends to film and add their own clips to the story. While originally conceived for the general consumer, Cutnut has really come into its own as a social media management tool for marketing departments looking to create high quality vertical stories that enhance their brand.


Convenient. Collaborative. Professional.

  • Editing master

    Use the desktop app for deep dive editing
    for a slick finished product

  • Add videos to collaborate on

    Film new videos in Cutnut or upload your
    existing ones

  • Templates for Stories

    Speed up stories creation with savable

  • One click export

    Quick and easy to send completed videos to Instagram

  • In-app crop

    Powerful video editing tools even in the mobile version

  • SMM tools

    Schedule stories for coordinated campaigns

  • On the go

    Use the mobile editor for easy access, instant video

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